Voka Health – A commitment to prevention that has never been seen before

The future of health is prevention. The undergoing shift from illness and cure to wellness and prevention, leading the healthcare sector and all its stakeholders to an “An unprecedented commitment to prevention”, was the main theme of Voka Health Community Knowledge Session on October 21st, where our team had the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of health promotion and prevention.

Attention is shifting to behavioral science these days, for making a difference in preventive health which needs a totally different approach than classic diagnosis and treatment plans.

Mobile technologies, IoT and Big Data are at the center of enabling technologies that will encourage and engage consumers, patients, payers and providers for improved wellness, preventive care, early detection, as well as clinical outcomes and community health. These are important tools for understanding and changing behaviors, to promote healthy lifestyles and provide remote interaction with experts.

More information about this event can be seen here.


Pictures by MediaLounge