Oehoe Data Science is a consulting company, founded in 2015, with in-house expertise in supporting informed decision making for legal manufacturers of medical products or services. Advice is built on understanding, creating and delivering value throughout the medical value chain. While taking this value approach, a variety of data is acquired, let it be of business, engineering or clinical nature. Collected raw data is cleaned for tidy data, analyzed and transformed in useful information for decision making. The way of working is project based and advice is provided in balancing the customer’s project plan with contractual duties towards their end-customer. This goes together with deployment of adequate negotiation skills.

Mission Statement

Augmented Confidence in Business, Engineering and Clinical Decisions for Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare is undergoing a rapid change towards digital processing of vast amounts of data. This data is overwhelming in size, speed and variety. The analysis of data and transformation into useful information aims to deliver better healthcare at a lower cost. Especially during follow-up and treatment of chronic patients it is expected that data management by means of predictive analytics and subsequent targeted and on-time deployment of the right therapy improves the patient’s quality of life and this at a lower cost.

Meanwhile a shift takes place within the healthcare system, with care providers under pressure to take accountability for the outcome of a therapy after having treated a clinical condition. Future reimbursement schemes will be increasingly based on the quality of the achieved result after treatment, rather than a fee-for-service per individual task along the care cycle. This leads to an increased demand by care providers for objective, scientifically underpinned treatment protocols to secure reimbursements.

Data Science is a structured way to collect data, to filter, to perform analysis and to finally report actionable insights. It is essential to document this process in a transparent way with the goal to replicate if not reproduce the outcome and interpretations. This way of working fosters the quality of conclusions and recommendations.

Oehoe Data Science is on a mission to strengthen scientifically underpinned decision making for business, engineering or clinical challenges in the healthcare market. We are Compassionate towards Your Health and we love to Play, Experiment and Learn for the sake of a healthy life.