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Business case calculation during an innovation bootcamp of a healthcare multinational

During this project we made part of a bootcamp-team to accelerate a healthcare innovation from research towards a minimum viable product. We supported with domain know-how of how value is created in the healthcare market and applied this in a Net Present Value based business case model.

Customer Feedback Analysis for an R&D Institution

feedback model. The goal was to better understand the customer journey of about 80 regular and key-accounts of an R&D center and to install proper feedback cycles for data collection, visualization and interpretation. We applied consulting skills on how to assess customer value and on how to define proper question to reach actionable insights. Furthermore, we selected and implemented a web-based survey and applied alternative methodologies like the Net Promotor Score in addition to more classic satisfaction scores.

Innovation Management for a medical device SME

With this Innovation Management role we supported a medical device SME active in the physio-therapy market with setting up a renewed innovation funnel in order to optimize efficiency and output throughout the innovation cycle, from new technology leads, to technical feasibility studies to finally product development conform CE-medical regulation. We deployed know-how on innovation program and project management, combined with people management while leading the technical team.

Business Process and Data Science Consulting for a UAE based SME

In this continued assignment we provide Business Process and Data Science consulting for a UAE based SME active in digitalization of the food chain for enhanced food safety compliance under supervision of the Dubai Municipality. From a business process perspective we provided structure in team members roles & responsibilities, supporting operations management and installing quality management procedures. During these business process activities we extracted subsequent data streams which had to be cleaned and filtered (ETL) for preparation of Exploratory Data Analysis. As we move forward in this journey, we’ll develop management dashboards for data visualization, followed by predictive analytics over time.

Project Management and Data Science Consulting for a UAE based healthcare SME

This project is about digitalization of early detection and screening of non-communicable chronic diseases. We operate under contract of a SME, supervised by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) as end-user. In this role we optimize patient workflows which are subsequently transformed in technical requirements, fit for use by a development partner. After the development cycle is completed, we follow-up with customer validation and operations management to scale-up for large scale patient groups. Along the process we also support with scouting and selection of innovative medical devices and integration of these devices into the end-to-end solution. In the Data Science Consulting role we start with ETL, followed by Exploratory Data Analysis, data visualization by means of management dashboards. Furthermore, over time while collecting time series data we’ll enable machine learning based forecasting and predictions. Finally, given global Covid-19 concerns we are asked to support in setting-up a data analytics view for interpretation by MOHAP administrators.

Project Management and Database Refactoring for a Belgium based healthcare IT SME

We were asked to support in turning clinical workflow requirements into technical requirements ready for software development. In addition, substantial effort was put into analyzing an SQL Server database and to perform a major refactoring exercise to prepare for the future. This was done while safeguarding EU GDPR regulation, for instance by implementing informed consents and keeping track of individuals’ consent in the database.

Multiple Regression of predictors for optimized phlebotomy frequency of hereditary haemochromatosis patients for UZ Leuven, Gasthuisberg, Belgium

We framed a Master Thesis project in collaboration between the UZ Leuven, Campus Gasthuisberg, Belgium and the Faculty of Science from the University of Porto. Clinical know-how and data of 384 patients was provided by the UZ Leuven, while the data engineering was executed by a Master student from the University of Porto. We supervised the project from a project management and data science point of view, providing know-how on ETL, statistical inference, analyzing time series and applying multiple regression.