Food Safety Press Conference at Dubai Municipality, September 9th 2018

Our team has been invited to join, as partner of Science Tribune Software House LLC Dubai, a press conference organized by the Food Safety Department of the Dubai Municipality, announcing the upcoming 12th Dubai International Food Safety Conference, taking place on October 29 – 31 under the theme ‘Global Food Regulatory Trends’, as well as the latest advancements in the development and implementation of the digital platform for food safety and nutrition – FoodWatch – and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies for more accurate tracking of food poisoning outbreaks: “Dubai to adopt genome sequencing to track food poisoning”.   

Foodborne diseases are a common and costly public health problem, that can be prevented. “An estimated 600 million – almost 1 in 10 people in the world – fall ill after eating contaminated food and 420 000 die every year, resulting in the loss of 33 million healthy life years (DALYs)” according to WHO report published in 2015.  

Governments can establish and implement effective food safety systems to respond to and manage food safety risks along the entire food chain, from production to consumption in collaboration with all stakeholders, to ensure that they operate responsibly and supply safe food to consumers. With this goal, the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality developed the FoodWatch platform, a Food Safety Management System integrated in their food safety program, which is being developed in collaboration with Science Tribune Software House LLC Dubai, a research and development company that provides smart digital solutions in the health market. Oehoe Data Science is a strategic partner of Science Tribune, providing Business and Data Science consulting services.