We recently started an internal project on applying smart sensors and data analytics for shoulder rehabilitation exercises.

Our goals are:

  • Better Quality of Care
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement
  • Improved Patient Compliance


We follow this methodology:

Understanding Value

  • Segmenting the customer base in professional users and en-users at home;
  • Understanding different needs for both user groups;
  • Assessing what drives value for these user groups;


Creating Value

  • Getting and cleaning data;
  • Exploratory data analysis;
  • Descriptive statistics;
  • Scaling-up for larger user groups;


Delivering Value

  • Data visualization, creating meaningful insights;
  • Web-applications for both user groups;
  • Connected application between physiotherapist and en-user;


Kick-off took place during the Hack4Sports Hackathon at IMEC, Leuven on November 18th.